Through April 18 — New Tai Chi and Quigong Classes

What do Tai Chi and Qigong have in common with yoga? All three use conscious breathing, mindful movement and a range of balanced postures to free up our vital life energy (which yoga calls “prana”). Furthermore, Tai Chi is a martial art, and modern yoga has actually borrowed from martial arts!

Tai Chi Fan Form classes will be held Wednesdays through April 18th from 7:30-8:30 pm in the Corner Studio at a cost of $10/class. Qigong classes will be held at the same time and place from May 9-June 6th. More information will follow soon about the Qigong classes.

Tai Chi Fan is a graceful and strengthening form of martial arts and dance.
It utilizes meditative movements that can be applied as a style of self-defense
and has healing benefits to energize the body and calm the mind. Each
movement requires and develops mindfulness and strengthens the mind-body
connection. “Xin” translates as heart-mind. Tai Chi produces and collects
energy in the internal organs to improve longevity. Regular practice can resolve health issues like arthritis, back pain, insomnia and digestive issues; improves physical agility, strength, and mental clarity; and reduces stress. Tai Chi fan form encompasses the essential movements of all Tai Chi forms.
Each class includes warm-ups, Qigong exercises, Tai Chi posture review,
refinements and additions to the form. All skill levels are welcome!

You may just show up or sign up on our website’s Drop-In Schedule page:

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