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Moving at Human Speed

What do bicycling and yoga have in common?

More than you might think. Both involve lifestyle choices that can have very positive health impacts. But the benefits of both also go beyond the individuals who are choosing to bicycle and to practice yoga. A balanced yoga practice benefits everyone who is connected to the yoga practitioner. Bicycling benefits the whole community by getting cars off the road, resulting in cleaner air. But it also creates a greater sense of vibrancy and intimacy in the community.

Yoga and bicycling also encourage us to slow down, which has enormous benefits individually and culturally. Maybe our fascination with speed has something to do with the excitement and stimulation it brings. Perhaps it also is connected to our evolution. At one time, being quick may have meant that you were more likely to catch your dinner (and less likely to become dinner for a predator). But slowing down allows us to experience the world–and ourselves–differently, with greater awareness and clarity.

The St. Paul Yoga Center is happy to take some big steps toward becoming a more bicycle-friendly business. In addition to the bike racks we got installed, our first bicycle-themed classes and our new bike-to-class discount, we have also joined the Bicycle Benefits program. Within a few days, we should have Bicycle Benefit stickers you can buy to put on your helmet, giving you discounts at dozens of great places in the Twin Cities when you bike there. Finally, May is National Bike Month. Celebrate with us by biking to class.
Happy Trails!

Paul Busch, Owner
The Saint Paul Yoga Center