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Not sure about what to expect on your first visit to
The Saint Paul Yoga Center?

Before you go

Check our yoga classes page for more information on what level yoga class will fit you best as a new student, and what to expect. Because all of our teachers are independent, classes of the same level may feel very different with different teachers. Take a peek at our yoga teachers page and our schedule to get an even better idea of what each class is like.

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Consider any concerns of which your teacher would need to be aware. Please advise your yoga teacher before class if you have on-going or temporary health problems. For example are pregnant, or are menstruating. Alternative poses or sequences may be suggested.

What to wear

Most students wear a t-shirt or leotard, and footless tights/leggings or running shorts. Long, baggy pants are not recommended because the teacher needs to see how students’ legs are working.​

What to bring

We know that different students have very different options available at home for yoga props, or supports. Many yoga props can be improvised using common household objects.


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