The Saint Paul Yoga Center has two adjacent studios on Selby Avenue in Saint Paul. For directions to our center, please see our contact page.

Corner Studio

The Corner Studio is aptly named — the door is angled toward the corner of our block, directly on the intersection of Dunlap and Selby. This studio is slightly smaller than the Selby Studio, but gets lots of natural light through the windows on two sides of the room.

The partitioned area in front is the home where you can leave shoes, coats, and other miscellany behind, so you can best focus on your yoga practice. The teacher desk and prop areas are at the back of the room, so feel free to come on back to check in when you arrive.


Selby Studio

Selby Studio - new floors
Slightly larger than the Corner Studio, our Selby Studio boasts lots of space. The Selby Studio has solid white oak floors and has an enclosed entryway to keep this larger room at a more constant temperature. Please leave your coat and shoes up front.

Both studios have secured, wall-mounted ropes to aid our students in a variety of leg poses and inversions, as well as a full array of yoga props. (Yes, we have yoga mats too. Forgot your mat? We’ve got you covered!)